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GeoData Plus has detailed property data for all 50 states. Enter in a state, county, city, zip code, or MSA for a market report in that area.


El Paso, TX (MSA) Property Data

El Paso, TX (MSA)
  • Number of Residential Properties:256,392
  • Number of Commercial Properties:111,063
  • Average Age of a Single Family Home:1987
  • Average SqFt of a Single Family Home:1,986
  • Total Residential Sales in 2019: 12,514
  • % of those sales foreclosure related:7%
  • Total Residential Sales in 2018:17,450
  • % of those sales foreclosure related:3%

Median Sale Price of a Single Family Home in El Paso, TX

While this is great for El Paso, TX, GeoData Plus provides detailed property information for every residential and commercial property in El Paso, TX

  • The owner or owners of the property, and how to contact them.
  • Building characteristics such as square footage and room count.
  • Zoning.
  • Sales and mortgage history.
  • Pre-foreclosures and auctions, both past and present.
  • Sales comparables.
  • Telephone numbers and more.

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